Choosing the right credit card every day adds up -- look at how many more points you could be earning over one year.
Category Spend Wrong Cards Card Pointers
Food $6,000 6,000 pts 30,000 pts
Groceries $4,000 4,000 pts 16,000 pts
Bills $2,400 2,400 pts 12,000 pts
Airlines $2,000 2,000 pts 10,000 pts
Gas $1,000 1,000 pts 5,000 pts
Total $15,400 15,400 pts 73,000 pts
Whether you already have great credit cards, or need help finding some, we've got you covered.
Add Your Cards
Easily add your cards by name from our database of 3,000+ cards. We will never ask for any bank details.
Use the Right Card Every Day
We know a lot about your cards just by the name -- pick a category, like Restaurants, and we'll tell you which card you should use.
Collect Points
By choosing the right credit card every time you make a purchase, you could earn 5x or more points for every $1 spent. That adds up fast!
Get New Cards
If we know about a better credit card for a spending category that's important to you, we'll show you how to get it, and get you a sweet bonus for signing up - 50,000 points is pretty normal!
Our free web app is as powerful as your new wallet.

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  • Security and privacy are important to us, and we won't ask for any information besides your email address so that you can log back in, and the names of the credit cards that you want to maximize. We can work a lot of magic from just that!
  • Re-arrange the pointers in any order that you want to make them most useful to you.
  • Over 3,000 credit cards in our database.
Works fast, even offline

CardPointers was designed from the beginning to take advantage of today's latest web features, and is known as a PWA.

Thanks to that technology, you can click on the Add to Home Screen button on any iOS or Android device, and you can then access all of our great features, whether you're connected to the internet, or not. Yes, full offline support!

Everything is designed to be extremely fast and use very little bandwidth - saving you money in every way possible.